The movie where taking acid will probably give you a headache instead of a good feeling.

Although not somewhat coherent at times and has some major plot holes, it does provide a decent 2 hours of entertainment.

The scenes after the lighthouse was reached had a very Bjork-esque feeling, both in terms of style and music.

I’m very suspicious that Bjork herself was doing that because very few people have that sort of style and are able to pull it off.

Scientists that go in.. Without any full body protection, not taking notes for several days and having to resort to counting their rations to estimate how many days they were in there… I mean… Really?

It would sure be nice if we get a sequel and hopefully next time, things will be more alive. The feeling of slowness envelopes whoever watches this movie and makes them not expect anything but aliens to come knocking on their door and start imitating them!