Black Panther

Well, I finally got around to watching Black Panther.

This movie is a complete and total disaster. I was disgusted and frankly surprised by something that was so pumped up by everyone and I expected at least solid action scenes. Nope, not even that.

What happened? Marvel.. seriously.

  • There was no decent plot, and the plot that was there was all over the place and incomprehensible without any focus.
  • The SFX, wow, it felt like kids were doing them under a tight budget and a deadline that was yesterday.
  • The acting. LOL!! What acting?
  • The jokes? Eh, even they were bad.

I prefer DC over Marvel, but I still love some of the Marvel characters and movies, but this puts Marvel at a new low for me.

The only redeeming qualities were Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman’s acting.

Klaue, a character that showed so much promise, abruptly killed off with not even a decent scene.

And Ross’s character was a refreshingly clumsy one that surprised a bit and made the movie just a tad more bearable.

Horrible, just horrible.

Marvel, please don’t let your future movies be this bad, put some thoughts into them before releasing them.