Bye Microsoft Windows

Sayonara Microsoft.

It was the last straw, my laptop randomly rebooted while I was doing chores around the house, losing some work and it wasn’t the first time.

Windows decides upon itself that it must install updates today and doesn’t really give a nice way to say, don’t do it today or for x days.

Microsoft gives too much importance to Patch Tuesdays and while I guess it’s fine for most people, having all your apps closed because there’s vulnerabilities in some god forsaken piece of software that isn’t even on and there’s no way of removing, shouldn’t trigger an unwarranted restart of the whole computer.

So I spent the better part of a few hours getting Debian installed instead of using it via a virtual machine because I’ve had it with Microsoft. I’m keeping dual boot for now, but I’m not planning on using Windows on a daily basis anymore.