Well, this was a very nerve wracking transition in a movie.

“What kind of movie you give me?!?!?!”

I only saw one single short trailer before I watched this… It was a very interesting trailer, seemed like a comedy, I don’t tend to look at the IMDB of it before I see the movie either, so I thought that it would be a comedy.

The movie starts off comedically enough but things take a sharp 180 degrees turn fairly quick. even though it really had a comedic feel and jokes dispersed throughout to it for the most part, it predominantly had a gloomy feel over it. Nevertheless, it did have a few twists and turns that kept the overall attention focused.

Christoph Waltz as usual gives a stellar performance with a finely nuanced character with catchy lines as a serbian guy.

The ending was a bit… let’s say uninteresting and dull, but tries to put into perspective the current situation of the world. Which very few movies have tried to do given what’s happening.