Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones, everyone is talking about it. Everyone was freaking out about it.

Personally though, with the exception of some parts, I found this season to be very boring and unenthusiastic, it’s as if the writers and directors just wanted to milk the show for its mainstreamness and fanatic fanbase that will accept anything as long as it’s got Game of Thrones written on it.

I was a big fan of Game of Thrones during the first few seasons. But alas, all good things must come to and end. Very few shows are able to maintain their consistency thought their run, and this one isn’t the exception.

The climactic cliff hanger was quite interesting though, with the twist plot of Cersei and the Ice Dragon. But we will have to wait most probably until 2019 to see what will happen and how the game of thrones will play out.

All for naught most probably. Almost everyone dies, Undead retreat to the North, rinse, repeat? It happened before, it’ll happen again.