Git Config

Git Configurability

The simple yet complicated world of git and its configurations. Also known as “How to leave your mark on the world”

This will be a simplified version of the full introduction to git Config. And it will cover the basics to get you started with commiting.

Git Config Levels

There are three levels of configuration in git.

The levels are applied from top to bottom below.

  • Repo(Local) level
    • –local
    • Works on the repository level and only applies to current repo (.git/config)
  • User Home(Global) level
    • –global
    • Works on the user level and applies to current user (~/.gitconfig)
  • System Level
    • –system
    • Works on system-wide level and applies to any and all repos or users that haven’t configured the above.

User Git Config (Identity)

git config --global "John Doe"
git config --global

Git Config (Editor)

git config --global core.editor vim


Once these commands have been run, it will be the identity that will be associated with all the commits with the name and email that were specified.