Hello Hexo

Hexo! This is my very first public post with Hexo.



Because Wordpress has been causing too many issues for me. All the plugins and such and the amount of brute force it has been attracting is quite enormous.


The “official” WordPress applications are quite disorganised and very lacking with what the wp-admin interface offers.

When? How long?

It only took a few minutes to set it up and about 10 minutes to transfer most of the posts and perhaps 15 minutes more for the theme modifications. I didn’t transfer the iamges for now, because WordPress recompresses them, so I might take the time to actually redo them from the originals.


No major issues, most of the wordpress links transfer quite transparently to hexo.


This theme is a modified cactus-dark.


I modified it only to add Google AdSesnse and Google Tag Manager. I might compile the changes and submit a pull request for them to be added. I don’t see anyone using Google Analytics directly anymore as GTM offers far more advantages in my opinion.