Mason Currey - Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

I listened to this audio book and I must say.. it’s quite interesting!

It does propose the case that people do amazing things, but then it explains these people and their use of alcohol and other substances in quite amazing amounts.

It basically puts up the premise that every “artist” is in some way, shape or form, either an alcoholic or a substance abuser.

Granted that “substance” has been coffee for a very long time, but still, it’s surprising to hear that the majority of them were using more exotic substances for prolonged periods of time.

The book spends quite a bit of time documenting the use of these substances and lightly brushes over the material that I was expecting to be the major ahem.. substance in the book, the actual daily rituals of people.

  • Fanatically stuck to their work and their routine around the work.
  • All the people contained within the book, all work very hard and VERY long hours.
  • Most of them tend to have some sort of exercise.
  • Somehow the big majority of them get up very early, regardless if they’ve had significant drinking or burned the midnight oil.
  • They manage to have a completely secluded environment from the rest of the world while they’re working.

All in all, a nice read.

Definitely feels like a rushed work though, there’s no “conclusion” or a summary. The book abruptly ends with the last artist and doesn’t give any closure.

KScore: 2.55