Proprietary cables

Sigh, all these proprietary cables lately have been a headache.

It’s impossible to keep up with all the cables and then even the cables themselves have sub-extensions for charging for data transfer for who knows what… and yet, the reason why you’d buy something would probably be in that cable.

My OnePlus cable caught on fire recently and thankfully didn’t burn down the house, but now… I’m left with charging the phone with “regular” charging speeds that are… well, slow.

The industry really needs to get their heads together and decide to use just one cable. Carrying 10 cables with me wherever I go is frankly lunacy and it just doesn’t make sense anymore. We have a USB Type-C that is more than capable of the data rates and charging needs for almost all of the hardware that is commonly used.

So please, get it together, make it happen and make it easier for both consumer and producer, cheaper and more reliable to produce higher quality cables that will be subject to the same quality standards.